Cross-Overs [10] Harry Potter and various fandoms. Buffy, Charmed, X-men, etc. Has to have at least one Harry Potter Character in order to be accepted.
Post Hogwarts [51] This is for stories that take place after Hogwarts. I.E. After the War, After the Mauraders leave school etc.
Dominus Heros [6] Stories Featuring the Paring of Severus Snape and Harry Potter. Including any time period.
Preteritus Vices [3] Join us in the Past. This category features the Marauders Era, and any story based in the past.
Hogwarts [92] This category is for stories that focus at Hogwarts. This could be teachers relationships, Harry/Gang's relationships, etc.
Total Alternate Reality [7] Total Alternate Reality. These stories are a total re-write of the books. I.E. Harry got sorted into Slytherin, etc.
Lupus Vinco [5] One of the Ruby Quill's favorite pairings, this is for stories where the main paring is Remus Lupin and Severus Snape.
Wizarding World [30] Stories here have no central location or just generally focused on someone that isn't Harry Potter.
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