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Summary: At the end of Harry Potter's 3rd year, the real Harry Potter was replaced by an exact duplicate with all of Harry's memories up until that point. Harry was taken to a remote location; you can pick where, to train him to defeat Voldemort without Dumbledore's influence. Dumbledore and Harry's friends have no idea that the Harry that they have with them is not the real one.

It's just after Harry's 6th year, and his trainers decide that he is ready to defeat Voldemort. They return him to the Dursleys just in time for the spell that made him into two people to end. This gave Harry all the memories of his 4th - 6th years, including the death of his godfather. Since the new and improved Harry has none of the guilt that the old Harry did, his friends might find his new personality a tad hard to swallow.

What happens now that the new and improved Harry has returned to Hogwarts, and no longer holds the same prejudices of the old Harry? Will Harry's friends stay with him, or will they desert him in the end?

Challenge Notes:

1. Can be Slash or Heterosexual in parings.
2. The staff would like at least one story where it is Slash with a Harry/Draco paring. This would probably be Pre-HBP unless you have Harry find out where Draco is hiding, and bring him back to school.
3. Can use all the information in book 6 if so desired or it can be PRE-HBP. No Preference.
4. Harry's personality is different than the books. He is more confident since he has been training since the summer of 3rd year to defeat Voldemort. Harry is NOT arrogant about his new found gifts.
5. Harry can have a special power if you so decide.

Story length: Would prefer it to be at least a mini story, a.k.a. about 5 chapters long, though can be more or less.

If you want to do a long one shot, please make it long enough so that you get a good back story of where Harry has been all this time, what he learned, and how he defeated Voldemort..

This Challenge was created by Dream Howler. Please note in your author notes: This is in response to the Ruby Quill Archive Challenge if you post it somewhere else.
Categories: Hogwarts, Wizarding World Characters: Harry Potter
Summary: When Harry turns 17, startling facts are presented to Lord Voldemort, about the Boy Who Lived. The boy that he has always thought was Harry Potter was in fact adopted. Still trusting in his servant, Severus Snape, he tells Severus to end the adoption charm on Harry, in hopes that he will be less powerful so that Voldemort can effectively get rid of the boy. He gives Severus a dark spell that will bypass the adoption charm on Harry so he won't need the boys name, and sends Severus off to end the spell.

Instead of telling Dumbledore of the news, Severus decides to find out just who the child he hated belonged to all these years, and decides to do as Voldemort commands.

It’s up to you who are Harry’s parents; this challenge can have any number of possibilities. The below are only suggestions, do what you like with the challenge.

1. Severus or Lucius Malfoy could be his father with a made up mother/father.

2. If you are into MPreg, Remus/Snape or Lucius/Snape could be Harry's fathers.

3. Lily could still be the mother. The circumstances are up to you. Perhaps Lily had an affair, or Lily could have been raped during a Death Eater raid, and Harry was the result. James could have been the only adopting parent, its up to you.

Adoption Charm: (Created by Eleonora/ Draconn Malfoy) – When a child is adopted in the Wizarding World, an Adoption Charm is placed on the child to help them fit in their new family. The charm alters the child’s looks and personality to mimic the adopted family; the personality or the appearance parts may be stronger or weaker, depending on how much the parents want the child to differ from their original form. If/when an Adoption Charm is removed (by simply stating the child's full original name in their hearing) the child’s personality and looks will return to what they would have been if their birth parents had raised them. The Charm can be removed by a person entitled to do this after the child reaches a certain age, or, if such a person and/or age has never been set, by one of the biological parents. In most cases, however, the Charm is never lifted.

Note: Please make sure to give credit to Eleonora/Draconn Malfoy for the Adoption Charm. It is her creation.

This Challenge was created by Dream Howler. Please note in your author notes the following if you post it on other sites.

Note: This is in response to the Ruby Quill Archive Challenge

Categories: Dominus Heros, Hogwarts, Lupus Vinco, Total Alternate Reality, Wizarding World Characters: Harry Potter
Summary: Harry Potter thought that he was normal. Well, as normal as a wizard can be. However, fate seems to laugh in the face of Harry Potter quite often. He finds out in the summer after his 5th year, some startling facts about his parantage.

Harry finds out that his mother was a half mutant, half witch. She was adopted by the Evan's when she was a baby, not knowing that she was a mutant.

When her powers manfifested, they all thought she was just a Witch and she went to Hogwarts. However, secretly, Lily practiced her mutant powers as well. What they are is up to you.

What happens when Harry gets his invitation to Xavier's School for the Gifted? Will he leave his friends behind to figure out what his mutant powers are?

1) What is Harry's Power?
2) How will Harry react to the new power that is the power that Voldemort knows not?
3) Any Parings are up to you.  I would personally love to see one with Bobby Drake and Harry Potter. *winks*


Harry doesn't want to leave Hogwarts and his friends, so Professor Xavier tells Harry that he can come to America during the summer and train his powers then.

Categories: Cross-Overs, Cross-Overs > X-men Characters: Harry Potter, Iceman, Professor X
Summary: Okay, I have a challenge for all you readers and this is it: Eleven-year-old Harry Potter does not feel like he belongs at Hogwarts and does not interact with any of the students. Soon the other students give up trying to get Harry to talk to them and leave him well alone. Your job is to write how one person – and it can be any canon student you wish, except Hermione, Luna or any of the Weasleys – doesn't give up on Harry and tries every day to make friends with Harry. You can have them give up only to have Harry come after them or Harry gradually let them in or however you wish. It can span the years so that romance comes into it or they can stay eleven-years-old and become best friends. You can write this however you want it written but it must have angst in it and Harry must be very shy. If you do respond to this please post the link for me to read or let me know via a message the title of the fic and where I can find it. Good luck!
Categories: Wizarding World, Hogwarts, Total Alternate Reality Characters: Harry Potter
Summary: The night that Lily and James were supposed to be killed, they cast a spell in order to go in to extreme hiding, not just trusting their new secret keeper. During the spell, something went wrong, and James, Lily, and Harry disappeared leaving a copy of Harry, and two very dead looking doplegangers.

The spell landed them ten years in the future, and they kept jumping back and forth between the present and the time they started, unable to stop jumping.

Each time period they jumped, they tried to get a message to their remaining friends, but they would jump before they had time to send it. Or something else went wrong.

Somehow, one day they jumped right onto the front door of Copy Harry's new home. The war was still on in this time, and they had to prove who they were to Harry.

Somehow, when they are reunited with the copy of their child, their jumping stops. You decide how. What happened? Will they go back to the past? Will they stay in the present and raise both Harry's? Will the child that is Harry disappear now that he is reunited with his future self? You decide!
Categories: Preteritus Vices, Total Alternate Reality, Wizarding World Characters: James Potter, Lily Potter

1) Harry must be really powerful
2) Draco turns out to be a nice bloke (either friends with Harry or just Allies Harry/Draco works too)
3) Hogwarts houses unite as allies to Harry
4) big battle scene where Harry and allies defeat voldemort
5) New Minister of magic
6) Harry becomes professor before he leaves school
7) Must be during Harry's Hogwarts years, preferably 5-7, or summer time
8) Harry tries to ally with other species








Categories: Hogwarts Characters: Harry Potter
Summary: (I'm new to all this and this is my first ever challenge. If you decide to respond, thanks a million! If you want to comment me on it, just email me or leave a comment on the site. Thanks! ;) )

This challenge is set in Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts. He has had a battle with Voldemort and it leaves him less than a person, or so he thinks. It's up to Severus to help heal him both physically and emotionally. You can decide yourself what happens to Harry during the battle. The only stipulations are:

1) Follow the site rules.
2) Try to make your response at least PN-13
3) It's really up to you how long you make it but my feelings are the longer the better :)
4) You must somewhere in your story use the line "do you enjoy tormenting me?" I don't care who says it or in what tone.

Categories: Dominus Heros Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape

I want fics where Harry has a soulmate.  Slash is prefered.


1) MPreg with Harry as the carrier

2) During Hogwarts

3) Harry is superpowerful and his mate can be to but that isnt as required

4) Harry is rescued from an abusive dursley household

5) (optional) Harry self injures

 Prefered parings:







Categories: Hogwarts Characters: Harry Potter
Summary: This is the First ever Official Potterotica Universe challenge!! Please put that this is a response to the Mythical Mess Challenge and Please after you post it here, try and go post it on the Yahoo group in the files section.

Note: If you use another paring besides Hermione/Snape, don't post it to the Yahoo group, just post it on the Ruby Quill Archive.

Severus somehow incapacitates or kills (what we think of as) a mythical figure such as :
The Tooth Fairy
The Sandman
The Easter Bunny
Mother Nature
Santa Claus
Jack Frost
Jack the Pumpkin King

or such... perfectly legal to use something other than these.

**The catch? He must take over their duties until they are well or a replacement is found.

*Hermione must help him in some way and she should be the only one to know what he's doing, at least at first.

*The fic should contain these lines said by whomever you choose.

1) "I am NOT going to wear that."
2) "If I tempt you, why do you run from me ?".

*Severus should be discovered by at least one child and try to explain himself.

Any length, any rating, any pairing with Severus (does not have to be SS/HG), but should have LOTS of humor. (A little romance is a bonus.)

It might be a good idea if anyone responding to the challenge post a short explanation of the Mythical character they are using. We have readers from many different countries and they may not recognize the figure used. (Don't know how many countries have the tooth fairy) You could do it at the end of the first chapter so you won't give away the surprise if you wanted.
Categories: Post Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Wizarding World Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape

I'm working on a Harry/Firenz fiction of myown, but it been put on hold since I can't find the note book I was rightin it in... Anyway, I wish other might try this pairing too. So, here's my challenge!

1) Lord Voldemort has been defeated (you may choose when and how).

2) Near the end of Harry's final year at Hogwarts, Firenze tell him that they are mates (you can also choose how).

3) Somewhere in the story Firenze must leave Harry a gift (or gifts) as a symbol of his intentions.

4) Firenze is temporarily mad human so he and Harry can mate. Done by a spell or potion, your choice.

5) Mpreg please! Rating R or NC-17 maybe (don't worry, the rating is your choice)!

6) Their child (and or future children) must come into the world as a Centaur. 

7) Romance, AU (Alternate Universe), Fluff, First Time, Smut and During Hogwarts. Romance, AU, and During Hogwarts is a must (of course, the rest is up to you).

 I hope lots of people want to write this! Please people, have fun writing! :D

Categories: Total Alternate Reality, Hogwarts Characters: Harry Potter
Summary: Okay, we all know The Prophecy right?... Well for those of you that don't, here it is!


Now that we've seen The Prophecy, let's see my challenge!

Everyone Knows that Harry Potter is the one The Prophecy spoke of...but what if we're only half right!? Dumbledor once believed The Prophecy either meant Harry or Neville. Both the Potters and the Longbottoms thrice defied The Dark Lord. And both boys were born as the seventh month dies. I think that means, not one boy or the other, but both!

Harry is clearly the one marked as Voldemort's equal, as he was accidentally given the ability to speak Parseltongue by The Dark Lord himself... But what if the power The Dark Lord knows not, is the added strength and love Harry gains from his Soulmate?

Twice in The Prophecy it is stated that the one with the power to defeat The Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies... That's why I believe it means more then one will be born, as Neville was born on the 30th and Harry on the 31st.

The only way for Harry to defeat Voldemort, is to find his Soulmate and bond with him (increasing the magic in them both).

Now the hard part to my challenge is this...

1) How do Neville and Harry find out they are Soulmates?

2) What new powers do they gain from bonding?

3) How do they vanquish Voldemort?

I know I've given an interesting one this time, but I think it would be pretty cool to see it done! It would be nice if this was During Hogwarts, but could take place Post Hogwarts if you wish. It would make sence if this was a virgin-Harry and virgin-Neville story, since they're going to be bonding with their Soulmate, meaning Harry's first time.

Have fun with this and give it yourown twists and turns... But please, give the boys a happy ending! (-;

Categories: Total Alternate Reality Characters: Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Voldemort

I started writin this and got stuck... I'm not sure if I'll ever complete it. But I would like to see how other authors take to this challenge.

1) It's the end of Harry's final year at Hogwarts and he's just defeated Voldemort (your choice how), only to have disappeared the next day.

2) His friends have searched for Harry for the pasr five years and slowly gave-up looking. They've all found a way to live without him... well all but two. Sirius and Remus still have hopes that Harry will return one day.

3) Sirius and Remus have been married for a year now and Remus takes his husband to an (all male) muggle strip club, for their first anniversary.

4) (And this part is a must!) Sirius sat near the stage while Remus got something to drink. When the stripper walked out, Sirius began to svream like the mad-man he once was. Remus ran to his mate's side, not understanding the disstredd... till he looked up that is! On stage was a young man (in his early twentys) with an albino snake wrapped around his shoulder and neck; he had bleach-blonde hair, light tan skinand the most beautiuful green eyes. The young man's name you may ask, is James Evens a.k.a. Emerald. (This can be rewritten, but must be a part of the stroy!)

5) Emerald (who we all know is really Harry) convinced the bouncers not to harm his godfather. And of course, he returns to the Wizarding World with them.

6) Harry is happy to be near Remus and Sirius, but is quiet and keeps to himself. It takes time, but the two get him to say why he left and was working at a strip club. (Why did he leave and why is he so slow to trust again? That I couldn't figure out... but maybe you can.)

7) Slpwly the three fall in love and form a tryad. Someone does not approve and act's like a prate (perferably Ron please).

8) There must be a happy ending! Romane, Smut, Post Hogwarts and Firt Time is a must (just because he was a stripper, doesn't mean that he's experienced). The rest is up to you.

Enjoy your writing!

P.S. Please make sure Harry quits his job. Thank You!

Categories: Total Alternate Reality, Hogwarts Characters: Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black

   Harry Potter-Vampire and Severus Snape-Wearwolf! I had a dream a while back, where Harry was a Vampire and Sev. was a Wearwolf...Like what would have happen if Jamse didn't save him that night in The Shrieking Shack, and Harry inherits Vampirism from James himself? Well this is how my dream went.

Harry's eyes were dark with lust as he lent done to taste the man brefoe him. Severus sat there in nothing but a bath robe, Knowing instantly what was going to happen, he opened his robes in concent. Harry's teath sharpened and grew in length as he desended. Gently he let his fangs glide across the pale flesh of Snape's iner thigh, before pulling back in shame and rested his head upon the leg he nearly bit, as Severus ran long fingers through his hair to sooth him.

Well that was my dream, I'd like some one to expand on it. I think it should be just after grasuation and they both foudout each other's secret during Harry's seventh year. They are now starting a friendship and my dream was of a night where it almost went too far. You can choose weather or not they go past frinendship, but if they do, I'd like it to be a true and lasting love!

Thank you!

Categories: Total Alternate Reality, Post Hogwarts Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape
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