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Summary: Harry Potter thought that he was normal. Well, as normal as a wizard can be. However, fate seems to laugh in the face of Harry Potter quite often. He finds out in the summer after his 5th year, some startling facts about his parantage.

Harry finds out that his mother was a half mutant, half witch. She was adopted by the Evan's when she was a baby, not knowing that she was a mutant.

When her powers manfifested, they all thought she was just a Witch and she went to Hogwarts. However, secretly, Lily practiced her mutant powers as well. What they are is up to you.

What happens when Harry gets his invitation to Xavier's School for the Gifted? Will he leave his friends behind to figure out what his mutant powers are?

1) What is Harry's Power?
2) How will Harry react to the new power that is the power that Voldemort knows not?
3) Any Parings are up to you.  I would personally love to see one with Bobby Drake and Harry Potter. *winks*


Harry doesn't want to leave Hogwarts and his friends, so Professor Xavier tells Harry that he can come to America during the summer and train his powers then.

Categories: Cross-Overs, Cross-Overs > X-men Characters: Harry Potter, Iceman, Professor X
Summary: Okay, I have a challenge for all you readers and this is it: Eleven-year-old Harry Potter does not feel like he belongs at Hogwarts and does not interact with any of the students. Soon the other students give up trying to get Harry to talk to them and leave him well alone. Your job is to write how one person and it can be any canon student you wish, except Hermione, Luna or any of the Weasleys doesn't give up on Harry and tries every day to make friends with Harry. You can have them give up only to have Harry come after them or Harry gradually let them in or however you wish. It can span the years so that romance comes into it or they can stay eleven-years-old and become best friends. You can write this however you want it written but it must have angst in it and Harry must be very shy. If you do respond to this please post the link for me to read or let me know via a message the title of the fic and where I can find it. Good luck!
Categories: Wizarding World, Hogwarts, Total Alternate Reality Characters: Harry Potter
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