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Summary: The night that Lily and James were supposed to be killed, they cast a spell in order to go in to extreme hiding, not just trusting their new secret keeper. During the spell, something went wrong, and James, Lily, and Harry disappeared leaving a copy of Harry, and two very dead looking doplegangers.

The spell landed them ten years in the future, and they kept jumping back and forth between the present and the time they started, unable to stop jumping.

Each time period they jumped, they tried to get a message to their remaining friends, but they would jump before they had time to send it. Or something else went wrong.

Somehow, one day they jumped right onto the front door of Copy Harry's new home. The war was still on in this time, and they had to prove who they were to Harry.

Somehow, when they are reunited with the copy of their child, their jumping stops. You decide how. What happened? Will they go back to the past? Will they stay in the present and raise both Harry's? Will the child that is Harry disappear now that he is reunited with his future self? You decide!
Categories: Preteritus Vices, Total Alternate Reality, Wizarding World Characters: James Potter, Lily Potter
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