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Summary: This is the First ever Official Potterotica Universe challenge!! Please put that this is a response to the Mythical Mess Challenge and Please after you post it here, try and go post it on the Yahoo group in the files section.

Note: If you use another paring besides Hermione/Snape, don't post it to the Yahoo group, just post it on the Ruby Quill Archive.

Severus somehow incapacitates or kills (what we think of as) a mythical figure such as :
The Tooth Fairy
The Sandman
The Easter Bunny
Mother Nature
Santa Claus
Jack Frost
Jack the Pumpkin King

or such... perfectly legal to use something other than these.

**The catch? He must take over their duties until they are well or a replacement is found.

*Hermione must help him in some way and she should be the only one to know what he's doing, at least at first.

*The fic should contain these lines said by whomever you choose.

1) "I am NOT going to wear that."
2) "If I tempt you, why do you run from me ?".

*Severus should be discovered by at least one child and try to explain himself.

Any length, any rating, any pairing with Severus (does not have to be SS/HG), but should have LOTS of humor. (A little romance is a bonus.)

It might be a good idea if anyone responding to the challenge post a short explanation of the Mythical character they are using. We have readers from many different countries and they may not recognize the figure used. (Don't know how many countries have the tooth fairy) You could do it at the end of the first chapter so you won't give away the surprise if you wanted.
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