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Story of the Moment
Saving Lucius by sa1boy A-17
Lucius Malfoy has discovered that the Dark Lord has a new ally. This new ally wants payment before joining forces with the evil one. That payment is something Lucius will die for before he gives it up...
Recently Updated Stories
McGill by Sunsinger A
One day a man with a book of Prophecies goes to check on a child who is being abused. So he steps in. Will eventually be HP/DM, SS/OMC
The Journey Begins by Jayson A-17
Rewrite of the first story in the Unexpected Love series. Fourteen-year-old Harry Potter, along with three of his Hogwarts classmates, one from each house, are selected to be trained in a series of advanced magical arts and begin a journey that will have many twists and turns along the way... and quite a few surprises for all.
A Christmas Vow by Alexannah A
One Christmas Eve, after a particularly unpleasant Occlumency lesson, Severus is visited by a ghost. Lily is furious over how he has treated her son—and determined to make Severus see just how much Harry needs him. Loosely based on "A Christmas Carol".

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Welcome to the Ruby Quill Archive, this site contains stories that are intended for an adult audience. This means that you must be an adult in order to read and post here. The fan fiction on the following pages may contain scenes of violence, adult language, death, nudity, sex, or slash (male/male sexual relationships). These stories are clearly marked with our long list of warnings, so if you see a story with a warning that you don't like, don't read it! :)

This archive accepts many kinds of different stories of most types including Straight, Gay, and Bisexual, to all kinds of ratings. We do not accept femmslash, as I do not have an admin to read it. We also accept some crossovers, including Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Charmed, and Buffy. If you have a category that you wish us to add for the Crossover's section, please use the Contact Us link in the menu. For Crossovers to be accepted at least, one Harry Potter character should be a feature character.

We are a small, but growing archive, and need more authors in order to truly compete with some of the big archives. Many of the authors currently on this site are authors that have been personally invited by Dream Howler, but I need your help. If you are reading a great story that you think should be archived here, email me and let me know! We hope that with more exposure, and your help, the word will spread around, and it will help us become a great place for fan fiction.

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"If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."

Goblet of Fire - Sirius Black

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Well, been cleaning up spam. I got page one of the authors done, and I am working on pages 2 and 3. I have turned off anonymous reviews. Some spammers are using it again.

--DreamHowler on 11/12/15 02:02 am
Spam Cleanup
Just did a partial cleanup of several spam reviews although I know I didn't get them all because I'm afraid it would probably take days to go through every story's reviews and delete the spam. I wish it wasn't necessary to do so because there wasn't any to begin with, but I suppose that's asking for too much. Just remember everyone, don't click on any of the links in any spam reviews you do come across because more than likely they're not safe.

--Jayson on 10/19/15 12:35 am
Apparently, we have been bitten by a Spam Monster. I thank those authors that have reported the person, and I have been going through the archive to delete all the spam.

--Dream Howler on 10/08/12 08:51 pm
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