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Story of the Moment
Diving off the Deep End by Keikokin A-17
This is a sequel to my story "My What a Nice Tan Line You Have!" HP/DM slash
Recently Updated Stories
The Battle of the Billionaires by Jayson A-17
By the year 2015, Harry Potter has been living in the United States for ten years and is very surprised when he notices the striking resemblance between himself and Clark Kent-Queen, the husband of billionaire Oliver Queen, who has decided to run against fellow billionaire Lex Luthor for President of the United States in the 2016 elections.
Along the Journey by Jayson A-17
Appendix of the Unexpected Love series. This is a collection of various one-shots set in the Unexpected Love universe and thus it is strongly recommended that you read the main story before reading any of the one-shots included here, as certain facts and story lines probably won't make sense without reading the main story.
Knights of the Founders by Jayson A-17
Rewrite of 'Return of the Heirs'. It's Harry's 6th year and with the Ministry finally accepting that Voldemort is back, changes are coming for Harry and for Hogwarts... question is will they be enough? Especially when not everything is as it appears... Rated for future chapters.

NOTE: Important Information in the News section. Check the news for more information.

Welcome to the Ruby Quill Archive, this site contains stories that are intended for an adult audience. This means that you must be an adult in order to read and post here. The fan fiction on the following pages may contain scenes of violence, adult language, death, nudity, sex, or slash (male/male sexual relationships). These stories are clearly marked with our long list of warnings, so if you see a story with a warning that you don't like, don't read it! :)

This archive accepts many kinds of different stories of most types including Straight, Gay, and Bisexual, to all kinds of ratings. We do not accept femmslash, as I do not have an admin to read it. We also accept some crossovers, including Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Charmed, and Buffy. If you have a category that you wish us to add for the Crossover's section, please use the Contact Us link in the menu. For Crossovers to be accepted at least, one Harry Potter character should be a feature character.

We are a small, but growing archive, and need more authors in order to truly compete with some of the big archives. Many of the authors currently on this site are authors that have been personally invited by Dream Howler, but I need your help. If you are reading a great story that you think should be archived here, email me and let me know! We hope that with more exposure, and your help, the word will spread around, and it will help us become a great place for fan fiction.

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"Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain."

Chamber of Secrets - Arthur Weasley

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Reviews Turned Off
Considering that my works are the only ones that have been updated on this site for over a year now and the only reviews I've gotten on any of them are all spam, I'm assuming nobody will care that I just completely turned off the review option.

It sucks to punish every potential user of the site, but then since nobody seems to be using it for legitimate purposes anyway, it shouldn't matter much. And it's probably asking too much but maybe if all the damn spammers can't post for awhile they'll move on and find some other site to clutter with their junk.

For the authors, all the reviews you previously got will still show up, including any and all spam reviews that were posted prior to reviews being turned off. And remember that authors can delete any review they want if you decide you want to clean up your works and delete all the spam.

And remember, if you see multiple links in a review that are clearly not from the author of the story and appear to be trying to sell you something, don't click on them.

--Jayson on 02/08/18 07:28 pm
Spam/User Accounts
I deleted a bunch of spam, reviews, and user accounts today. Anything that had advertisement for products. If I accidently deleted your account and you are a valid reader, I apologize.

--DreamHowler on 12/16/16 12:51 pm
Spam/User Accounts
I went though the database and got rid of all the spam reviews and went through the user accounts and deleted any account with a bio that had advertising in it. I am so tired of this spam crap. However, until the maker of this program updates it, I ask that you report any spam to me using

--DreamHowler on 10/18/16 07:46 pm
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