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Summary: At the end of Harry Potter's 3rd year, the real Harry Potter was replaced by an exact duplicate with all of Harry's memories up until that point. Harry was taken to a remote location; you can pick where, to train him to defeat Voldemort without Dumbledore's influence. Dumbledore and Harry's friends have no idea that the Harry that they have with them is not the real one.

It's just after Harry's 6th year, and his trainers decide that he is ready to defeat Voldemort. They return him to the Dursleys just in time for the spell that made him into two people to end. This gave Harry all the memories of his 4th - 6th years, including the death of his godfather. Since the new and improved Harry has none of the guilt that the old Harry did, his friends might find his new personality a tad hard to swallow.

What happens now that the new and improved Harry has returned to Hogwarts, and no longer holds the same prejudices of the old Harry? Will Harry's friends stay with him, or will they desert him in the end?

Challenge Notes:

1. Can be Slash or Heterosexual in parings.
2. The staff would like at least one story where it is Slash with a Harry/Draco paring. This would probably be Pre-HBP unless you have Harry find out where Draco is hiding, and bring him back to school.
3. Can use all the information in book 6 if so desired or it can be PRE-HBP. No Preference.
4. Harry's personality is different than the books. He is more confident since he has been training since the summer of 3rd year to defeat Voldemort. Harry is NOT arrogant about his new found gifts.
5. Harry can have a special power if you so decide.

Story length: Would prefer it to be at least a mini story, a.k.a. about 5 chapters long, though can be more or less.

If you want to do a long one shot, please make it long enough so that you get a good back story of where Harry has been all this time, what he learned, and how he defeated Voldemort..

This Challenge was created by Dream Howler. Please note in your author notes: This is in response to the Ruby Quill Archive Challenge if you post it somewhere else.
Categories: Hogwarts, Wizarding World
Characters: Harry Potter
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