~Blood & Moon~ by Muggle_Angel

   Harry Potter-Vampire and Severus Snape-Wearwolf! I had a dream a while back, where Harry was a Vampire and Sev. was a Wearwolf...Like what would have happen if Jamse didn't save him that night in The Shrieking Shack, and Harry inherits Vampirism from James himself? Well this is how my dream went.

Harry's eyes were dark with lust as he lent done to taste the man brefoe him. Severus sat there in nothing but a bath robe, Knowing instantly what was going to happen, he opened his robes in concent. Harry's teath sharpened and grew in length as he desended. Gently he let his fangs glide across the pale flesh of Snape's iner thigh, before pulling back in shame and rested his head upon the leg he nearly bit, as Severus ran long fingers through his hair to sooth him.

Well that was my dream, I'd like some one to expand on it. I think it should be just after grasuation and they both foudout each other's secret during Harry's seventh year. They are now starting a friendship and my dream was of a night where it almost went too far. You can choose weather or not they go past frinendship, but if they do, I'd like it to be a true and lasting love!

Thank you!

Categories: Total Alternate Reality, Post Hogwarts
Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape
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