~ Harry + Firenze ~ by Muggle_Angel

I'm working on a Harry/Firenz fiction of myown, but it been put on hold since I can't find the note book I was rightin it in... Anyway, I wish other might try this pairing too. So, here's my challenge!

1) Lord Voldemort has been defeated (you may choose when and how).

2) Near the end of Harry's final year at Hogwarts, Firenze tell him that they are mates (you can also choose how).

3) Somewhere in the story Firenze must leave Harry a gift (or gifts) as a symbol of his intentions.

4) Firenze is temporarily mad human so he and Harry can mate. Done by a spell or potion, your choice.

5) Mpreg please! Rating R or NC-17 maybe (don't worry, the rating is your choice)!

6) Their child (and or future children) must come into the world as a Centaur. 

7) Romance, AU (Alternate Universe), Fluff, First Time, Smut and During Hogwarts. Romance, AU, and During Hogwarts is a must (of course, the rest is up to you).

 I hope lots of people want to write this! Please people, have fun writing! :D

Categories: Total Alternate Reality, Hogwarts
Characters: Harry Potter
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