~ Harry + Sirius + Remus ~ by Muggle_Angel

I started writin this and got stuck... I'm not sure if I'll ever complete it. But I would like to see how other authors take to this challenge.

1) It's the end of Harry's final year at Hogwarts and he's just defeated Voldemort (your choice how), only to have disappeared the next day.

2) His friends have searched for Harry for the pasr five years and slowly gave-up looking. They've all found a way to live without him... well all but two. Sirius and Remus still have hopes that Harry will return one day.

3) Sirius and Remus have been married for a year now and Remus takes his husband to an (all male) muggle strip club, for their first anniversary.

4) (And this part is a must!) Sirius sat near the stage while Remus got something to drink. When the stripper walked out, Sirius began to svream like the mad-man he once was. Remus ran to his mate's side, not understanding the disstredd... till he looked up that is! On stage was a young man (in his early twentys) with an albino snake wrapped around his shoulder and neck; he had bleach-blonde hair, light tan skinand the most beautiuful green eyes. The young man's name you may ask, is James Evens a.k.a. Emerald. (This can be rewritten, but must be a part of the stroy!)

5) Emerald (who we all know is really Harry) convinced the bouncers not to harm his godfather. And of course, he returns to the Wizarding World with them.

6) Harry is happy to be near Remus and Sirius, but is quiet and keeps to himself. It takes time, but the two get him to say why he left and was working at a strip club. (Why did he leave and why is he so slow to trust again? That I couldn't figure out... but maybe you can.)

7) Slpwly the three fall in love and form a tryad. Someone does not approve and act's like a prate (perferably Ron please).

8) There must be a happy ending! Romane, Smut, Post Hogwarts and Firt Time is a must (just because he was a stripper, doesn't mean that he's experienced). The rest is up to you.

Enjoy your writing!

P.S. Please make sure Harry quits his job. Thank You!

Categories: Total Alternate Reality, Hogwarts
Characters: Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black
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