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To recover a lost password, click here and enter the e-mail address with which you registered. Your password will be sent to you shortly. If you do not receive your password, use the Contact Us link to ask the admin for a password change. Please make sure to include your Name, Email Address, and Username.

What kinds of stories are allowed?

See our Submission Rules.

How do I contact the site administrators?

You can e-mail us via our contact form.

How do I submit stories?

If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story.

What are the ratings used on the site?

We have our own ratings system.

Child Safe themes
All ages can read this story. This means that the story contains nothing most parents will consider offensive for even their youngest children to see or hear. Nudity, sex scenes, and scenes of drug use are absent; violence is minimal; snippets of dialogue may go beyond polite conversation but do not go beyond common everyday expressions.
Parents Needed
Some material of this story may not be suitable for children. This means that the story rated may contain some material parents might not like to expose to their young children. This means that said material will clearly need to be examined or inquired about before children are allowed to read the story. Explicit sex scenes and scenes of drug use are absent; nudity, if present, is seen only briefly, horror and violence do not exceed moderate levels.
Parents Needed - Content not recommended for viewers under 13.
Some material of this story may be inappropriate for children under 13. This means that the story may be inappropriate for pre-teens. Parents should be especially careful about letting their younger children read this kind of story. Rough or persistent violence is absent; sexually-oriented nudity is generally absent; some scenes of drug use may be seen; one use of the harsher sexually derived words may be heard.
Adult - Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian
This means that the story contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the story before letting their children read it. An A rating may be assigned due to, among other things, a stories use of language, theme, violence, sex or its portrayal of drug use.
No One 17 and Under Admitted
This means that the author believes that most parents would feel that the story is patently adult and that children age 17 and under should not be allowed to read it. The story may contain explicit sex scenes, an accumulation of sexually-oriented language, or scenes of excessive violence. The A-17 designation does not, however, signify that the rated story is obscene or pornographic.

What are the story classifications?

Stories are classified by categories, genres, and warnings. We also have a new Parings classification, but it's being worked on.

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