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The Ruby Quill is an Archive is dedicated to bringing you good quality Harry Potter Fan Fiction of all genres. As long as your story is Harry Potter related, you should have no problem submitting stories to this site. Please use the following information to help you decide if your story would fit in here.

Guidelines to keep in mind when submitting stories:

1. All submissions must be accompanied by a complete disclaimer. If a suitable disclaimer is not included, the site administrators reserve the right to add a disclaimer. Repeat offenders may be subject to further action up to and including removal of stories and account.

Sample Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Note: Please don't include disclaimers sticking your tongue out at JKR. This is extremely childish.

2. All stories must be beta-read. Correct grammar and spelling are expected of all stories submitted to this site. The site administrators are not grammar Nazis. However, the site administrators reserve the right to request corrections in submissions with a multitude of grammar and/or spelling errors, or make the corrections themselves.

If you do not have a beta and would like one, see the following links:

If we find multiple errors, we will request that your story get a beta reader. If such a request to correct your story is ignored, the story will be deleted. If a story has way too many errors, the story will be rejected, and will be deleted from the submission queue.

*Note: If you need help spelling a character or place name, and do not want the hassle of looking for it in the books, please visit and bookmark: The Harry Potter Lexicon. or a more quick reference: Potterwords Community.

3. "Please read", "Untitled", etc. are not acceptable titles or summaries.

4. Stories with multiple chapters should be archived as such and NEVER as separate stories. Upload the first chapter of your story, then go to Manage Stories in your account to add additional chapters. If you have trouble with this, please contact the site administrator or ask a friend to help you.

5. Every story must have the correct rating, and if said rating changes during the story it should be adjusted accordingly and the readers warned. Please see the ratings link.

6. Each story must also have the correct and relevant warnings/genres attached. If the story contains rape, incest, or angst, dark themes SAY so, either in the warnings or in the authors notes (or both). Deception will not be tolerated. Add appropriate warnings as your fiction progresses as necessary.

7. Stories must be submitted to the proper category. If there is an appropriate sub-category, DO NOT add your story to the main category. The submission form allows you to choose multiple categories for your story, and the Efiction Team worked very hard to add that functionality for you. So please do NOT add your story multiple times!

8. All Stories must be in English. If English is not your native language, please try to find a beta reader before submitting.

9. If we send your story back for corrections, and you ignore it or continue to send in stories that do not follow our guidelines, you will receive a letter telling you that your stories will no longer be accepted on our archive.

Note: If you repeatedly submit stories that do not meet our guidelines, and you ignore our emails and do not respond to them, your account will be locked until you respond.

10. In order to post an A-17 rated story, you must be of legal age in your country. This means in America, you must be 18 years old in order to submit a story here.

Story Elements that may have your story rejected:

1. Rape - I don't know many people that would want to read about rape, period. However, if it is extremely important to your story, you may include it. I personally would rather not read a detailed rape scene. However, if you MUST have it in your story, you are required to put the Rape warning in the warnings section. If you don't, this is grounds for deletion of the story. Further violations of this rule may result in your account being suspended.

We will not accept the following:

1. Femslash (Female/Female Sex) - It may be in the background, a few kisses, etc. However, please no on camera sex scenes. Thank you. This may change if we get someone that actually would be willing to read/edit the story, but for now, no.

2. Drabbles - Perhaps later we might have a section devoted to them, but for right now, they are not allowed.

3. Snuff - A term that is used to describe an underworld/black market movie that portrays a violent murder scene. Except in snuff films, the actors are real people and the victim of the murder scene is actually killed on film.

Final Notes:

When submitting your story, you will see a list of Characters, Ratings, etc. If your story has a warning or something that is NOT listed in any of the boxes, please contact me: or

FAILURE to comply with these submission rules WILL lead to deletion of story and possibly (depending on extent of crime and repeated offenses) deletion/locking of your account.

The site administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as needed. Any problems or inquires please contact Dream Howler.

If you feel that your story can meet the above guidelines, submit your story.


Last Updated: March 1, 2009

Site Disclaimer: This website is 2004-2012 by Dream Howler. This website is part of the Citadel of the Wolf Network. Images are copyrighted by their original source, and modified by Dream Howler.

Public Disclaimer: Harry Potter is J.K. Rowling. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

Password Protection: Per J.K. Rowling's 2004 request, all stories that are NC-17 a.k.a. A-17 will be password protected so that children do not have access to them. If you are not legal adult age in your Country/State please do not read any story labeled A-17. This site takes no responsibility for children illegally reading stories that they shouldn't. We have made the stories password protected, that is all we can do.

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